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Frusso is a great-tasting supplement that comes in four fruity flavours. It also helps to manage weight and trim waistlines. Frusso detoxifies your body – high fibre foods help flush out toxins from your system and promote regular bowel movements.


* Recommended 3 boxes for optimal results*

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The average person only absorbs about 15% of the nutrition from their food.


A lot of this is because we don’t drink enough water and our bodies are filled with toxins that can build up in our digestive tract. 

Frusso is a natural supplement that helps to detoxify your body, promote regular bowel movements, and increase the absorption rate of nutrients in the foods you eat. With this product, you will feel more energetic, have better digestion, less bloating and gas, healthier skin and hair as well as increased immune system function! Our fiber supplement comes in convenient packets for easy consumption when on-the-go or at home. Take it daily to improve health by naturally cleansing your body!

frusso review
frusso review

How to consume: It comes in powder form, and is easy to use – just mix it with water or your chosen beverage – and drink! 

Frusso Improve digestion and colon health

frusso australia
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Frusso contains both water-soluble and water-insoluble fibers which work together to detoxify the intestine. Frusso also contains prebiotics, which is required for the reproduction of probiotics, reducing the growth of bad bacteria, and maintaining intestinal health.

Two Types of Dietary Fiber

Frusso is loaded with both dietary fibre, water-soluble and water-insoluble dietary fibers. Water-soluble fiber is viscous and able to absorb a large amount of water, forming a gel when excreted, whereas water-insoluble fiber functions to increase the volume and weight of feces, promote gastrointestinal motility, and bowel movements.


Get probiotics and prebiotics
frusso price
frusso price

Probiotics aid in the normal functioning of the digestive system by working in tandem with it. It is a prebiotic fiber supplement that not only helps you get the recommended daily amount of fiber, but also gives you the added benefit of probiotics. With this product, you’ll have no problem meeting your daily fiber goals while also keeping your digestive system healthy and functioning properly.

Frusso Benefits and Use

The intestines are a major player in our digestive system. They help break down food and absorb nutrients but also play an important role as the first line of defense against infection by fighting off bad bacteria that could enter the body.

Even if you’re eating a healthy diet and exercising, this can add up to significant weight gain over time. Your body is designed to store toxins as fat for later use, so when you have a toxin overload it stores those toxins as fat instead of releasing them through your bowels. 

FRUSSO fiber detox cleanses our intestines to aid in:



Not only does it help improve your skin health, but it also helps improve digestion and gives you more energy. Plus, our all-natural ingredients are gentle on your system so you can keep fit and healthy without any fuss. In fact, many of our customers report feeling more energetic and having better digestion after drinking it. Give it a try today! We’re here in Australia and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about this drink. For more information on what makes it different from other probiotic drinks or supplements, contact our experts at Gofit Organic.


FRUSSO is an all-natural detox drink that helps your body get rid of harmful toxins and waste. Our unique blend of ingredients was specifically chosen for their ability to cleanse and purify your system.


frusso australia
frusso australia
  • Japan imported water-soluble fibre
  • Low-calorie supplement
  • Does not affect the absorption of calcium and other minerals
  • Natural plants as raw materials


Frusso Promotion
Frusso Promotion

Water-insoluble fiber that does not dissolve in water or oil, can accumulate cholesterol, bile salts, fats, carbohydrates and toxins to be excreted from the body


Frusso buy online
Frusso buy online

Water-soluble fiber that contains natural oligosaccharides, a substitute for sugar. Aids in the reproduction of good bacteria in the intestines


frusso review australia

Water-soluble fiber beneficial to the growth of intestinal probiotics

Serving/Direction for Use

frusso reviews
Frusso drink

This delicious drink is designed to help you defecate the next morning. To make it, thoroughly blend 150ml water and then drink before bed so that your body can process all of its nutrients at once! If weight loss purposes are desired by consuming this beverage with meals – which helps boost fullness in order reduce food consumption.

Servings per Box: 20 sachets per box.

4 different flavors: Lemon , Mango , Peach , Passion Fruit

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What is Frusso?

It is a nutritious beverage that is high in dietary fiber and prebiotics. Its major purpose is to aid in defecation and to keep the intestines healthy.

  1. What are the primary ingredients of Frusso?

Fibersol-2, Palm Fibre, inulin psyllium husk, Fructose, Maltodextrin, and Cassia Extract are some of the ingredients in Fibersol-2.

  1. What is the definition of dietary fibre?

Dietary Fibre is a form of carbohydrate that, unlike starch or sugar, is not digested and absorbed by the body, hence it has no calories.

  1. What is the difference between water-soluble and non-water soluble fiber?

Water-soluble fibre and non-water-soluble fibre are the two forms of dietary fibre. Water-soluble fibre has a high viscosity, meaning it may absorb a lot of water in the intestine, create a gel, and combine with feces in the intestine before being expelled. Non-water-insoluble fiber helps to increase stool volume and weight, as well as speeding up intestinal peristalsis and promoting bowel motions.

  1. How much dietary fiber is advised on a daily basis?

We require 20 to 30 grams of dietary fibre each day, according to studies. Two to three portions of fruit and three to four servings of vegetables, for example.

  1. How many calories does one sachet of Frusso contain?

It is minimal in calories, with a pack containing only 15 to 21 kcal (various flavors have varied kcal), making it ideal for persons who want to keep their calorie intake under control.

  1. What is the best way to consume Frusso?

Before consuming, mix 150ml of room temperature water with one sachet.

  1. Can I mix Frusso with other drinks besides water?

Yes, you are free to use any beverage you like. It can be mixed with juice or yogurt to help with bowel movement. Make certain, however, that it is entirely dissolved in the liquid.

  1. How long will it take for Frusso to have an effect?

After 8 hours of intake, most consumers will have a bowel movement.

  1. Is Frusso suitable for vegetarians?

Vegetarians will enjoy it. Its ingredients are entirely plant-based, with no animal-derived additives.

  1. Can I take Frusso in addition to another supplement?

Mineral supplements, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, or iron, must be taken at least two hours apart since high fiber reduces mineral absorption in the colon.

  1. Is Frusso suitable for diabetics?

It can be consumed by diabetics. There is no sucrose or glucose in it, simply a minor quantity of fructose. Because fructose does not induce a surge in blood sugar, ingesting 1 to 2 sachets per day has no effect on a diabetic’s blood sugar. Furthermore, the dietary fiber in it can help delay the absorption of sugar and reduce blood sugar spikes.

  1. Can persons who have stomach problems or produce a lot of gastric juice eat Frusso?

It’s dietary fiber is beneficial for stomach issues or excessive gastric juice production. If your stomach is sensitive, however, it is best to take it after meals.

  1. Frusso is from which country?

It is produced in Malaysia by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturer. It comprises palm fiber, which is one of Malaysia’s most unique plants.

  1. Frusso Side effects

It has no side effects. It is loaded with all-natural ingredients to provide you with effective detoxification effects

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30 reviews for FRUSSO Australia

  1. Joy Madeline

    I am a PCOS sufferer who did not think that any product could assist me, but thanks to Frusso, I am now down about 20 KG and feeling better than ever!

  2. Tisha Dakota

    I was about to turn 40 and wanted to reduce weight, feel better, and look better. Exercise and the Atkins Diet were my previous tactics. I’d lose then gain weight if I ate carbohydrates. It was a snap to lose weight after I started FRUSSO. I can finally wear the clothing I’ve been saving at the back of my closet. My thin jeans now have some additional space! I’m more self-assured now, and people usually refer to me as my 19-year-old son’s sister.

  3. Marya Jackson

    I decided to go to the weight reduction clinic after shedding more than 70 pounds on my own. I still hadn’t attained my target after trying every diet imaginable. I realized I needed assistance. I grew quite dissatisfied with myself. I worked out every day, but nothing changed. I began to get comfortable, telling myself that no matter what I did, I would always be that overweight girl.

    I was sitting on the sofa, eating snacks (as usual), when I noticed an ad and decided to come in. I was cautious and dubious since I had done everything and couldn’t achieve my aim. Everyone was incredibly pleasant and encouraging once I got started. I had hope once more. I informed my family and friends, and they were suspicious, which made me feel even more dejected.

    I just drink FRUSSO and eat normally every day. I couldn’t believe it was actually functioning! I was truly losing weight this time!

    What struck me the most was how simple it was.

  4. Amber Sandy

    I had gained around 15 KG during a difficult year of nursing school, and I couldn’t manage to reduce it despite regular diet and exercise. My objective was straightforward: I wanted to fit back into my “pre-nursing school” clothing. Frusso was vital in assisting me in achieving my objective in a safe, healthy, and timely manner! I lost practically all of the 15 KG in a short period of time, but there have been unexpected advantages. I began weight-lifting and even joined a local bike group. I wholeheartedly suggest Amber Healthy and Frusso to anybody thinking about losing weight.

  5. Myrna Reynold

    I tried Frusso since I had tried reducing weight by eating less and exercising out. It was a failure! That is why I chose to try Frusso with Go Fit Organic. I’ve shed weight and feel a lot better. I get to spend more time with my children. I’m feeling less weary and more energized. I also altered my diet.

  6. Crystal Bull

    I was going through a really difficult period in my life, and because I am a classic emotional eater, the pounds simply kept piling on. I was tired of feeling horrible about my body and wanted to regain my confidence, so when I came across Go Fit Organic and Frusso, I decided to give it a try.

    The personnel was just outstanding. They are upbeat and kind. I loved how they treated me. The weight began to go off quickly, and with my hectic schedule, it was a breeze. Every month, I witnessed improvement. I’m not a health obsessive, so I just ate like I used to and people often compliment me on how amazing I look.

  7. Lesley Carlie

    After having my first kid, I struggled to shed the “baby weight,” as I like to refer to it. I tried eating veggies and fruits on my own, but nothing seemed to be working. I wanted to experiment with Frusso to see what it might do for me. It was a different technique than I was used to (nutritionist or dietitian), and I was initially sceptical that drinking Frusso might help me lose weight.

    What it did for me was to help me forget I was hungry, allowing me to eat normally with no dieting. Frusso has become a part of my daily life, and I believe I can continue on that good habit route on my own with far more energy than previously.

  8. Laura

    When I walked on the scale one day, I found I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life, even when pregnant. I was ashamed to go to the gym since none of my clothing fit. I had no accountability, and any weight I attempted to shed on my own would simply reappear. I shed about 15 KG faster than I believed possible, and virtually everyone in my vicinity noticed. I now have more energy and am in the best shape I’ve been in over a decade.

  9. Angela

    This product has really transformed my life. I’ve always worked out, but I’ve never been able to lose THE LAST FEW POUNDS. Frusso provided me with the tools I needed to achieve my objectives. The staff is kind and well-educated. I would suggest it to anyone who is having difficulty seeing POSITIVE outcomes.

  10. Kristen Forte Harris

    I’m having a great time on my weight reduction journey!!! Thank you for the delicious goods!! Excellent work!!

  11. Joan R Payne-Tharp

    FRUSSO is fantastic. It assisted me in losing 23kg, for which I will be eternally thankful.

  12. Monica Fernandez

    Frusso is both delicious and effective. I lost 8 kg without feeling starved. I’m really delighted I discovered this product, and I’m quite happy with the results.

  13. Tamra T.

    This has been the greatest life-changing event I’ve ever had in terms of my health. I shed 20kg in three months after starting to drink Frusso. I plan to stay with them till I reach my ideal weight. I am able to do more with my children and notice a difference in my physical health. I like this Frusso so much that I sent two friends there, and they are very delighted about their new adventure. I’m looking forward to my next Frusso!

  14. Sheritta Hudson

    Let’s just say I know where to go when it comes to my health and weight. I had a fantastic outcome. You must be honest with yourself about your desire to lose weight. For best results, stick to the 3 box and 6 box treatments.

  15. Kelly Harrison

    The staff is quite pleasant and professional! This is a drink I would absolutely suggest to my friends and family. Simply drink it every day and you will notice the desired effects!!!!

  16. Lalita. RLal

    Fusso is delicious and not bad on the stomach. Loving seeing how it “works” This is one of those things I have heard about and decided to try. The fiber drink tastes great, and it’s not really bad on the stomach. I am following the instructions to drink it before a meal. I haven’t had any discomfort so far, and I can say that it definitely works your system. If you’re looking for something to help supplement your weight management this would be a cost-effective addition.

  17. ramandeep kaur

    This fiber drink is worth every penny! The flavor is great. It doesn’t have an aftertaste at all. The drink does the job! I didn’t experience any cramps at all.

  18. Andrea Buchanan

    Helps with hormonal bloat and occasional digestive issues. This drink is a great. I experience bloating and digestive issues around my cycle and usually just one cup of this before bed does the trick by morning. Flavor pretty good. I don’t usually experience any painful cramps after drinking frusso

  19. Komal Saini (verified owner)

    I was using frusso 3 months straight every night and I lost 12 pounds each month. Make sure you give yourself a good hour in the morning the clear yourself all the way out.

  20. Mardina Tamril (verified owner)

    It actually works.I don’t usually do review but trust and believe I had to find time to write this. I drank this fiber drink about a weak ago for the first time and nothing really happened. So I was like “oh well”.
    I legit tried it again the following week and trust an believer it worked like crazy. My waist is down by an inch.

  21. Joyce Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Best weight lose drink ever been using this drink for years it’s my lifestyle tea.

  22. Erika Aleidzans (verified owner)

    this stuff is wonderful ! three days, 5lbs.. this stuff is wonderful!!! I definitely will be using it regularly. As someone who has been dealing with severe hormonal changes causing weight gain, I have hunted and searched… The price of this fiber drink is perfect!! and the results are AWESOME!!!!

  23. Evelyn Caceres

    These are amazing and they taste so good, its hard to find a slimming drink that can taste as good as this one,

  24. Marcia Pilcher

    love the free express delivery speed, order and received in same day

  25. Mamta Tamang (verified owner)

    I just thought of trying this to see if it would help me with bloating. And it did! So now, I’d have a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of this drink before bedtime.

  26. Simon Elton-Bott

    This drink has a great flavor! I drink it every night before bed. I’ve not seen any significant weight loss from it but I have maintained my weight even when eating way more some days than I should. I definitely would continue purchasing because of the flavor and how it helps my system clean out regularly.

  27. Nalini Selvam

    I lost 3 pounds in a week drinking frusso 3 times. I will purchase this again and again.

  28. Terry Rawiri

    i lost 8 pound before the 1box was finish omg i am happy there is hope

  29. susan moule (verified owner)

    This drinks is truly amazing and has helped me on my weight loss journey. Great taste as well!

  30. Ruby Del Rosario (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking this drink since i got it and so far its working. I highly recommend this product for those who are struggling with weight loss.

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