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Are you one of the 75% of World’s Suboptimal Health Population?


Have you ever heard the term “suboptimal health”? It is a phrase that refers to the state that exists between disease and health; there may be no diagnosable illness, yet there are a variety of unpleasant health symptoms. Simply put, you are certain that your health is no longer as good as it once was, yet your health report indicates that you are in good health. According to the most recent statistics, just around 5% of the world’s population is deemed healthy. Excluding persons who have been diagnosed with illnesses, the remaining 75 percent of the world’s population is in substandard health! Suboptimal health is like a ticking time bomb; if you leave your existing health concerns untreated or unimproved, there might be significant consequences!

Although a medical examination may not be able to discover the health condition of poor health, you may see whether you have any of the 8 signs of suboptimal health listed below!

Always exhausted

Even though I slept for 8 hours a day, I was still exhausted. Coffee is a must-have at work; else, you will be drowsy the entire day.

Feeling dizzy and forgetful

If you believe you are growing more forgetful these days, consider how often you accomplish something seconds ago but completely forget about it shortly after doing something else. Furthermore, because you are unable to concentrate on what you are doing, your brain is not as keen as it previously was, and you must always exert enormous effort in order to figure out something.

Sleeping problems


Insomnia occurs regularly, and even once you have successfully fallen asleep, your sleeping quality is pretty bad. If you wake up fatigued and feel like you haven’t had enough sleep, it’s because you didn’t get enough.

Skin issue

Metabolism slows, resulting in a pale face and lips, dry skin, and a variety of skin issues such as fine lines, acne, dark spots, and dull skin.

Appetite loss or a strong need for food

A typical indicator of poor health is a loss of appetite or a strong need for eating. Loss of appetite can be induced by small triggers such as hot weather or just being in a bad mood; some people have a higher urge for eating than others.

Constipation and stomach bloating

Constipation is a somewhat frequent health problem that many people experience. When food remains in the intestines are not expelled for more than 24 hours, it is considered an indication of poor digestion and hormonal imbalance, leading in a variety of health concerns such as skin problems or foul breath.

Immunity is low.

Always get sick quickly when the weather changes, for example, frequent flu and fever, allergic responses, and so on; all of these are symptoms of poor immunity.

In a bad mood

Mood swings, impatience, melancholy, and despair are common in today’s world.

Suboptimal health is a common health problem nowadays, with the majority of city dwellers experiencing more than half of the following symptoms. Although poor health is not directly related to serious sickness, keep in mind that all diseases begin with minor symptoms. Start eating a healthy and balanced diet, give up bad habits like smoking and staying up late, exercise more frequently, consume less sweet and cold foods, and most importantly, relax your mind and body. The most essential strategies to avoiding disease is to maintain your calm at all times! Click here to learn more about our products LIVEON, FRUSSO, D-VINE, S-GLOW, EROJAN are here at Go Fit Organic AU are the best to help you achieve your healthiest self!