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D-VINE Collagen New Zealand


D-VINE IBLING delivers a daily dose of collagen directly into your body via a chewable tablet that contains Vitamin C which helps with absorption. The result? A more youthful-looking complexion. It is a collagen supplement in the form of a chewable tablet that is easy to take.

*Recommended 3 bottles for Optimal Results*

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D-VINE Collagen – DVINE IBLING Series Riveting Beauty with Sparkling Confidence!

To begin, a perfect skin complexion denotes fair, firm, glowing, and smooth skin. However, uneven skin tone, which is exacerbated by dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and pimples, is regarded as a first-world problem for many of us these days. The harmful UV rays from the sun are entirely to blame, despite the fact that they are unavoidable on most days. Poor eating habits, an ineffective skincare routine, insufficient water intake, pollution, smoking, and excessive makeup all contribute to damaged skin!

To make matters worse, UVA accounts for 95 percent of the radiation and causes wrinkles, premature aging skin, brown spots, and sagging skin in humans. Unlike UVA, UVB has a less harmful effect but is still highly visible, causing sunburn and darkening of our skin.

D-VINE NZ, mindful of the skin insecurities that many of us face on a daily basis, is here to restore your confidence! It contains patented ingredients such as Collagen-Tripep20 (CTP), VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract, and HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol.

Hyperpigmentation results from the overproduction of melanin as a result of repeated sun exposure or scarring marks, resulting in an uneven skin tone. It is developed to give your skin a transparent effect thanks to VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract.

To protect oneself from the detrimental effects of sun exposure, one must be armed with antioxidants. HYTOLIVE® Olive Polyphenol and VIQUA® Pomegranate Extract include plenty of antioxidants that can help you.

The unique components in D-Vine collagen provide 4x greater absorption than traditional collagen supplements. This means that your skin will be visibly perfect in no time!

Regular consumption of DVINE NZ benefits to:


D-VINE Ingredients, Serving / Direction for Use

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Serving Per Bottle : One bottle contain 60 tablets.

The best way to consume is to take 2 tablets in the morning.

So if you’re looking to give your skin a boost? D-Vine Collagen is here to help! It’s a perfect product for people who are afraid of expensive products, too busy for a complete skincare routine, whitening injection! Contact our team here at Go Fit Organic here provide all the information and free express shipping anywhere within New Zealand. This product can help improve your complexion in as little as 3 weeks! Give it a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the distinction between collagen peptide and collagen tripeptide (CPT)?

Collagen peptide is the hydrolyzed form of collagen. Digestion will result in greater absorption into the bloodstream due to the reduced molecular weight. Meanwhile, Collagen’s smallest unit, CPT, is made of three amino acids. It is easily absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. CPT also supports our bodies in the development of new collagen and hyaluronic acid.

  1. Where does the collagen in D-VINE come from?

D-collagen The source of VINE is marine collagen.

  1. Why did you choose marine collagen over another animal collagen as the main ingredient in D-VINE?

Fish collagen is easier to digest, absorb, and transport throughout the body than bovine collagen because the peptides are smaller.

  1. Is D-VINE a controlled substance?

The Drug Contract Authority does not regulate D-VINE because it is not a drug (DCA).

  1. What are silk peptides and what are their benefits?

Silk peptides are created by extracting silk amino acids from the Silk Worm’s cocoon. Sericin has been found to have good moisture-binding characteristics, which helps to keep the skin hydrated.

  1. What is the primary component of D-VINE?

It is primarily made up of collagen. Olive polyphenol extract, pomegranate extract, and silk peptide are among the other constituents.

  1. I have peeled and inflamed skin as a result of sunburn; can I take D-VINE to reduce inflammation?

It does contain pomegranate extract, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to reduce inflammation. It will reduce melanin production, resulting in a more even skin tone. Collagen is also present, which aids in the skin’s recuperation.

  1. Can D-VINE aid in the treatment of psoriasis?

You may give it a shot. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition marked by a fast accumulation of skin cells on the surface of the skin, resulting in scaling. It includes HYTOLIVE Olive Polifenol, a powerful antioxidant that may aid in the relief of mild Psoriasis symptoms.

  1. Is D-VINE effective for cellulite reduction?

Yes. The peptide in D-collagen VINE decreases the appearance of cellulite and improves skin texture, potentially enhancing the appearance of cellulite-affected areas.

  1. My chickenpox scars are bothering me. Can D-VINE help with scar removal?

Your chickenpox scars may last for a long time. The usage of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and medical procedures is widely used to reduce scars. It can help you improve your skin’s texture and tone.

  1. Will my skin return to normal after I stop taking it, or will it worsen?

No, the components in it help to minimize internal and exterior skin concerns, as well as regulate skin metabolism to promote anti-ageing and bleaching. Even after you’ve finished using it, your skin will continue to glow and feel silky. Daily exposure to UV rays, pollution, and radiation from computers and other sources necessitates the use of one tablet every day for maintenance.

  1. Are there any side effects from taking D-VINE?

This product has a low risk of adverse effects. It’s produced using organic ingredients.

  1. How long does it take for my skin to improve after consuming D-VINE?

Because everyone’s absorption capacity is different, it is dependent on the individual. You should see a difference in your skin after 14 days of consumption.

  1. When should we start taking collagen?

Since the loss of collagen in our bodies begins at the age of 20, anyone above the age of 20 can take collagen.

  1. Who should take D-VINE?

Dark skin, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and other problems can be caused by smoking, poor diet, UV light exposure, and other things that affect the skin. As a result, it is necessary for achieving the perfect skincare complexion.

  1. When is the best time to take D-VINE?

It is a supplement that can be taken at any time of day. It is recommended to be taken twice a day on an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, however, you can take this supplement after meals.

  1. Is it safe to take collagen supplements for a long time?

Yes. Collagen powder is a nutrient supplement that helps your body absorb more nutrients. Collagen powder contains amino acids that are classified as food, therefore the supplement is supposed to nourish your body.

  1. Is D-VINE bitter to the taste?

Due to the olive polyphenol extract, it has a moderately bitter flavor.

  1. Why should I take it on a daily basis? Can I have it every now and then?

We suggest taking it on a daily basis to replace your body’s collagen.

  1. How much collagen do we lose on a daily basis? How do we replace the collagen that has been lost?

After the age of 20, we lose about 1% of our collagen each year. Collagen can be obtained through diet or supplements to replenish lost collagen in our bodies. Collagen generated from food, on the other hand, has a higher molecular weight and is more difficult to absorb.

  1. You mentioned that D-VINE has whitening properties. Is it true that if I stop taking D-VINE, the whitening effects will diminish?

It is made entirely of natural substances; thus, it has no negative side effects. To prevent the risk of skin hyperpigmentation, frequent use of 1 tablet per day is required to reduce the overproduction of melanin that causes skin darkening as a result of the sun’s rays, pollution, and other factors.

  1. How can I consume D-VINE during the fasting month?

If you use D-VINE as directed, you can take it after breakfast.

  1. D-VINE originated from which country?

Three of the primary ingredients in it are patented: Korea’s Collagen-Tripep20 Collagen Tripeptide, Spain’s Viqua Pomegranate Extract, and Spain’s Hytolive Olive Fruit Extract Collagen-Tripep20 is a small molecular peptide that is also known as collagen tripeptide. It contains a lot of GPH (Glycine-Proline-Hydroxyproline), which is the major component of skin collagen. Collagen tripeptide’s modest molecular weight (300 daltons) allows it to be absorbed directly by the intestinal tract, providing great wrinkling, elasticity, and moisturizing properties.

  1. Can people with keloid (overgrowth of scar tissue) consume D-VINE?

There is no scientific evidence that collagen consumption causes keloids or scars to become larger. However, if a client’s scar has expanded in size as a result of using collagen goods, the client should not use it.

  1. Can people with high uric acid consume D-VINE?

Yes. Foods high in purines, such as red meat, shellfish, and animal organs, are the main cause of excessive uric acid levels in the body. Collagen is taken from the skin and scales of fish, but not from the flesh. As a result, there are no purines in it.

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31 reviews for D-VINE Collagen New Zealand

  1. DAL

    A good collagen supplement for younger looking skin and skin that is significantly more vibrant.

  2. KeithBarkley

    This stuff works, and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. It works exactly what it promises, and within a week you will see a significant improvement in your skin.

  3. emily

    These tablets appear to work. My skin tone has improved significantly. This is my second order. I take them at night. I’m also planning to order the collagen for hair growth. To observe how that one works. Please keep them in stock.

  4. JenniferKokko

    This was purchased by me and arrived three days later. I started that day as well, and now that it’s been over two weeks, I can see the results. My acne scars on my face are lightening, and my skin tone is lightening. I’m a Filipina who despises the summer.

  5. Julie

    I love tablets, I’ve been taking them for a month and I’ve seen a difference in my skin and hair. I’m also taking the frusso drink from the same brand, and it’s delicious. Thank you very much, I will certainly reorder.

  6. Sabita

    Amazing! I’ve been using it for a long time and thought I’d give it a review. Breakouts were a major issue for me for a long time due to stress, and they left some horrifying black areas on my face. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that they’re vanishing quickly and that my skin is moisturised and radiant even when the weather is cold and dry LOL! Normally, as the temperature drops, I get ashy all over, including my skin, but now my face is hydrated, radiant, and my dark spots are virtually gone. My recommendation is to TRY IT if you have dark areas! Don’t put it off any longer; get rid of those suckers for good. Everyone looks better with brighter, more even skin.

  7. MelissaVasquez

    I purchased this product after one of my coworkers commented on how exhausted I appeared during our zoom meetings. Although she was correct, my sentiments were hurt. For several weeks, my eyes had been swollen. After roughly 7 days of use, I observed noticeable improvements. Puffiness and dark circles are fully gone after many weeks. I’m exhausted, but at least I don’t appear exhausted!

  8. CraigTuttle

    This product significantly reduced dark under-eye circles. I’ve experimented with different products with varying degrees of success. I was afraid this would be another flop. But this is anything but! I’m blown away with the outcomes. Now I’m curious to see what else these people have!

  9. Susan

    I’ve been using this stuff, and it actually works! I’ve had dark circles under my eyes since infancy and have become an adept at concealing them with various concealer shades. After three bottles, I’m now comfortable going out with only a little layer of foundation. Thank you, Go Fit Organic, for a miraculous product!

  10. KD

    I wanted to give this D-VINE some time to function and see what kind of results I got before commenting, and I must say that I am impressed. After only a few days, I saw that the rings under my eyes were changing, and after a little more than two weeks, the difference is significant and improving on a daily basis. You can feel it working since it has a tingling feeling (very faint, barely perceptible) as it lowers the dark circles and bags under my eyes. I have faith in this product because I have purchased other Go Fit Organic goods. I was convinced that I was obtaining a high-quality product that would produce excellent results, and I was correct.

  11. JosephLeach

    Excellent stuff. I conducted extensive research before opting to purchase this one. The instructions are straightforward and simple to follow, and the device works perfectly. I would strongly suggest it to anyone who is dealing with dark circles.

  12. Josh

    DVINE is incredible! I’ve had cystic acne for nearly 22 years, and in little over a month, this cream has significantly reduced my scarring. I can’t rave about it enough! I will absolutely purchase again!

  13. StephanieLanda

    It arrived quickly and works flawlessly. This is my second container, and it truly does help old and new scars fade. I have acne, therefore I only take two pills every day, and it helps even overnight.

  14. Millie

    It works like a charm and is highly helpful for my sensitive skin.

  15. GeoP

    I started taking the DVINE approximately 2 weeks ago, and my earlier scars have started to fade/lighten. I almost ran out, so I’ll be purchasing more. I only wish they sold the product in larger containers/bottles.

  16. rajvinder91

    The dullness and tiredness of my face is gone and I’m only using for a week !! I love the result I’m getting it !! Thank you so much DVINE!!

  17. Saida Rabieva

    This collagen capsule is so good. I could see the difference on my skin in three days. It’s amazing! Much more better than other brands i have used.

  18. Whina Delfin

    These were great for my skin !3 BOTTLES n and I can see super big improvement already. Will continue these daily!

  19. Reyna Kunkel

    I was anxious to get these in the mail! I have been taking them since I got them and feeling good so far. I have noticed my skin is tighter and finally i see them GLOW!

  20. Jenny Davis

    I was anxious to get these in the mail! I have been taking them since I got them and feeling good so far. I have noticed my skin is tighter and finally i see them GLOW!

  21. Olin Phoutthasinh

    Noticeable skin difference after I started taking this supplement.

  22. Meredith Ferrer

    Skin have never looked better!

  23. Sotheary Pen

    I’ve tried many collagen products for healthy skin. This product seems to be the only one that works well for me. In consistently taking just 2 pills a day, I see noticeable differences in dryness and creping. This product works!!!

  24. Caminante Santiago

    I have to say, I DO NOT enjoy taking collagen in a powder form, mixing with drinks. Personally, taking a capsule supplement is far more convenient for me. I have had completely clear skin since I started taking 2 tablets per day, (Also, take zinc for skin!) And I notice a difference in the integrity of my skin! I even purchased a bottle for my younger sister.

  25. Asher Callender

    I’ve only been using this product for a week, but I feel like I’ve noticed a difference. I am using to other products as well so not sure which or if it’s the combination that is doing the job. Easy chewy candy.

  26. Renee Gonzalez

    The free express shipping is really fast, order and received in same day.

  27. Phi Tran

    this is my 3rd order, will keep repeating purchase as it makes me feel very confident with the skin whitening results and make me glow

  28. Estela Icaro

    I absolutely love this product. I started seeing results within two weeks.

  29. Phonesavanh Luangrath

    I like the taste of it, very tasty and good results

  30. Miguel Pizarro

    Great product and always arrives very quick!

  31. Napdeep Kaur

    Helped me with my severe acne problems!

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