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S-GLOW is comprised entirely of natural components and contains a comprehensive nutrient blend that helps to support your hair, skin, and nails. This supplement is designed to boost collagen formation while also reducing the risk of free radical damage and also control hair fall , active hair follicle and promote hair growth!

*Recommended 3 bottles for Optimal Results*

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S-GLOW’s collagen concentration helps to maintain the health of skin, hair, and nails in a very practical way. Collagen can help prevent hair loss and thinning by increasing the elasticity and thickness of hair. Because collagen is required for optimum skin health, it can aid in the preservation of skin suppleness and hydration, hence reducing wrinkles. Collagen also helps to preserve nail strength, which helps to prevent brittle nails.

Collagen Peptide and Vitamin C are the two key constituents in S-GLOW. These two substances form a protective barrier around the hair roots and follicles, preventing hair loss and slowing grey hair growth. It also contains biotin, a form of Vitamin H that helps to maintain hair health.

Lynside® Forte B and Oryza Polyamine are two patented components in S-GLOW. In France, Lynside® Forte B is a trademarked nutritional yeast that is high in vitamins and can help with hair, skin, and nail care. Oryza Polyamine, on the other hand, is a trademarked rice germ polyamine extract from Japan that promotes hair development and shine.

Lynside® Forte B provides 8 vital B Vitamins that assist the body use macronutrients in meals as fuel to release energy and minimize inflammation from bacterial infections to maintain healthy nervous system health, according to modern medical research. Lynside® Forte B also contains protein, fiber, minerals, glutathione, and other nutrients that are beneficial to hair, skin, and nails.

Oryza Polyamine has a molecular mass of less than 250, which allows our bodies to absorb polyamine nutrients more effectively. Furthermore, rice seeds have the largest polyamine concentration in terms of nutrients. Oryza Polyamine can help you grow thicker, more lustrous hair.

S-GLOW also contains Vitamin C, which has a synergistic effect. Collagen and vitamin C are mutually reliant. Our bodies will not be able to create or keep collagen if we don’t get enough Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a key factor for collagen synthesis since it assists in cell uniting during collagen development. Finally, it can aid in the production of collagen in our bodies, resulting in healthy nails, hair, skin, and other body functions.


SGLOW Ingredients, Serving / Direction for use

s-glow nz
s-glow for hair

Serving Per Bottle: One bottle contains 60 tablets.

If you want to achieve beautiful, radiant skin without harsh chemicals or expensive procedures, S-GLOW is the answer. This self-care option delivers amazing results. We recommend starting with three bottles of this incredible supplement for the best effects. Our team at Go Fit Organic can supply you with all of the information you need about this incredible supplement, as well as free shipping anywhere in New Zealand. Contact us today if you want to know more about this product and how to get your hands on some free delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take for me to notice effects and how long will they last?

The outcomes vary because everyone’s absorption ability is varied. If the person has a higher absorption ability, the outcomes will be visible sooner.

  1. Can eczema sufferers use S-GLOW?

They have the option to give it a shot. Collagen is present in S-GLOW, which aids in wound healing and hence enhances skin condition.

  1. Is it possible for S-GLOW to help with hair loss?

Yes. S-collagen GLOW’s can help to strengthen hair roots and follicles, preventing hair loss. S-GLOW also contains Oryza Polyamine, an organic substance found in rice extract that helps to extend the hair follicle’s growth phase, resulting in increased hair growth.

  1. Collagen is already a part of my skincare routine. Is it still possible for me to take S-GLOW?

Topical collagen does not have the same effects as oral collagen supplements. Topical collagen does not encourage collagen creation at the cellular level like collagen supplementation does because it is too large to permeate the skin.

  1. If I stop taking it, will my skin return to normal or worsen?

S-GLOW, on the other hand, uses natural components to help with both interior and external skin issues. By regulating skin metabolism, it promotes anti-aging and bleaching. Even if you stop eating, your skin will remain radiant and smooth. We recommend taking one tablet every day for maintenance due to daily exposure to UV radiation, pollution, and free radical damage.

  1. Antioxidants and collagen are found in S-GLOW. Is it possible to combine it with other antioxidant and collagen supplements?

Yes. it is a high-nutrient food. It’s fine if you combine it with other vitamins. Follow the directions on the label and use the suggested amount.

  1. Can women take S-GLOW when they are on their menstrual cycle?

Yes, because S-GLOW contains no hormones and has no effect on the female hormone system, it will not interfere with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

  1. S-GLOW is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Yes. During pregnancy, the fetus absorbs a significant amount of collagen from the mother, causing the mother to lose her own collagen. This will leave you with dry, pallid skin that is no longer flexible. Pregnant women can benefit from vitamin B9 (folic acid), which helps reduce the risk of birth defects. Please obtain medical counsel before consuming if the mother has a medical issue. It also contains fish collagen, so it’s important to know if you’re allergic to it.

  1. Is it true that collagen promotes S-Glow hair growth?

Yes. Your body may employ collagen amino acids to make hair proteins and strengthen your scalp. Italso helps to prevent graying and degradation of hair follicles.

  1. Can S-GLOW help persons with androgenetic alopecia?

Although it does not provide immediate relief for persons suffering from androgenetic alopecia, the nutrients it contains may help to regenerate hair follicles and prevent further hair loss.

  1. How might Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) help my hair stay healthy?

Collagen and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) S-combination GLOW’s will have a synergistic effect. Collagen synthesis will be aided by vitamin C. Collagen is a crucial component of the hair structure. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it protects hair from free radical damage that causes split ends and breakage.

  1. My nails have a brownish pigmentation. Is S-GLOW effective in resolving this issue?

Blue nails, bluish-black pigmentation, or brownish pigmentation are all symptoms of vitamin B12 insufficiency. Vitamin B9 deficiency causes your nails to change color and become hard and brittle. It can help to improve the condition thanks to the Lynside? Forte B component, which is packed with the entire Vitamin B complex.

  1. What role does S-GLOW have in sunburn recovery?

It might help you recuperate faster after being exposed to the sun. UV rays cause collagen loss as a result of sunburn. Our bodies require collagen supplements in order to rebuild the skin. L-cysteine also has a whitening effect since it is a precursor of glutathione, which inhibits the formation of melanin (black pigment). Aside from that, it hydrates sunburned, dry skin.

  1. Is it possible for S-GLOW to boost my general health? Should I include it in my supplements plan?

It is an excellent supplement to have in your supplement routine. In addition to improving hair, nail, and skin health, it nutrients provide other health benefits. The crucial Vitamin B complex in S-8 GLOW, for example, can enhance the immune system, reduce bacterial infection inflammation, and is essential for brain health. Collagen may help to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis, while L-cysteine and Ascorbic Acid help to neutralize free radicals that affect our cells and tissues.

  1. S-GLOW can be used by consumers who are allergic to shellfish.

Some people may develop seafood allergies due to the high protein content of seafood. Protein molecules that are too large can be difficult for some people to digest and absorb. This will either directly or indirectly activate the immune system, resulting in sensitivity or allergic reactions. S-GLOW collagen comes from fish and has an extremely low molecular weight. An allergic reaction is difficult to provoke. The effect, on the other hand, varies from person to person.

  1. Is S-GLOW safe for persons who have kidney disease?

Patients with stage 1 and 2 renal diseases can take it at low doses. Supplements are not recommended for persons with stage 3 and 4 renal failure.

  1. What is the collagen source in S-GLOW?

GLOW’s S-collagen is entirely formed of low molecular marine collagen.

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31 reviews for S-GLOW New Zealand

  1. NormandeepKaur

    I was skeptical to buy this product, however after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I’m 68 years old, and I’ve noticed my hair has thinned down and I’m losing a lot of hair around my temples. I’ve just been taking it for a week and I’ve already noticed a lot of baby hairs coming out on my temples. So far, so good with this stuff.

  2. Sabini

    Sglow was introduced to me by a model on a picture session. I was struck by how opulent her hair appeared. That’s a tremendous difference from when I worked with her a year ago. She stated that she had been using Sglow on a daily basis since then and had observed tremendous improvements in her hair. I began straight immediately. It enhanced the condition of my hair. It did go through a phase when my hair generated more oil, therefore I washed or rinsed it more frequently. That stage has passed. My hair looked amazing, no more lank and thin. My sisters were shocked that my hair hadn’t turned grey like theirs had when they were my age.

  3. dakota

    I’ve been using the product for three months and have already experienced incredible benefits. I never believed my hair could be as glossy, healthy, thick, and long at the age of 59. I’m quite satisfied with this product and plan to stick with it. I can’t wait to see how thick my hair will be after all of this new growth catches up with the rest. Simply fantastic! I look and feel ten years younger.

  4. Lindsey

    My body experienced a severe reaction to a medicinal medicine, and I began losing large chunks of hair by the roots. My scalp felt like it was on fire, so I went to the doctor, thinking I had a skin issue. Through the process of elimination, it was determined that my body had a hazardous response to this medicine. He recommended that I utilise this medicine, taking two capsules after meals in the morning. It’s been 4 months, and I can’t believe how much hair has grown back and so quickly!

  5. Cindy

    This is really effective! Yes, it makes your hair grow longer, fuller, and thicker.

  6. Diana

    I loved this!!! I’ve been using this off and on for years but always come back to it. Why?? Because I see and receive results. Even my fiancé commented it was the finest stuff I’d ever bought for myself. It’s expensive, but it works! Yes, I will always purchase Sglow! I used it while my hair was relaxed, and I still use it now that it’s natural.

  7. Bouncy

    This has been working for my mother and myself for 5 months. My mother is in her 70s, and owing to genetics, her hair has been thinning since her 50s. Her hair loss worsened when she had radiation 7 years ago, and it worsened considerably more once she started taking diabetic medication 3 years ago. Her hair was sparse on the top of her head. She tried minoxidil and other vitamins, but nothing helped. She has been taking SGLOW for 5 months, with the exception of two weeks while she was ill. Around three months, I began to observe fresh hair growth.
    At 5 months, her hair is not just thicker overall, but there is fresh hair growth where she was previously bald. The change is noticeable when I tie her hair into a ponytail. I started taking SGLOW about the same time since I had seen a lot of hair in the drain during the previous several years and thought I’d give it a shot. My hair loss was concentrated on the top of my head, as it is in my mother’s and other family members. My hair was thinning and I had a few bald patches around my hairline.
    I’ll confess that I’ve been awful at taking the tablets twice a day, and there have been days when I forgot to take them at all. I haven’t yet finished the 90-day supply, and 150 days later, I have a lot of hair growth in those bald patches. This product is undeniably effective for us.

  8. JeanineKnowlton

    I didn’t believe this would work because all of the previous supplemets never worked. After only a few weeks, I saw some sprouts; after three months, I noticed a bunch; and six months later, I look like I have a fuzz ball on my head. The bare patches along my front hair line were quickly filled in. Even my spouse, who seldom sees anything, said, “Is your hair thicker?” I’m on another box right now. This is something I’ll continue to use. I highly suggest it.

  9. Linds

    I can’t tell much about fir thickness yet, but Holly Molly. I’ve got these tiny hairs on either side of my head since I was a child. They have never grown. They’ve always been between 1/4 and 3/4 inch length. I did not anticipate them to start growing, but I am overjoyed that they have!
    I’ve just been using this vitamin for about 2 weeks?? I take two a day. I’m looking forward to watching my hair grow over the next few months! I will certainly be purchasing more!

  10. LalyndaLong


  11. Deborah

    My Endocrinologist recommended Sglow to me as a hair strengthening vitamin a few years ago. It has reduced my hair loss, and I continue to take it on a regular basis.

  12. ginasrey

    Fantastic SGLOW!! They do work, but only if taken as advised on the package. You will obtain the required outcomes!!

  13. Sarah

    I’ve been using S Glow for about 6 months and it’s the only thing that works. I tried every tactic I could think of to bring my hair back to where it was (lots of thinning and loss in 2020). Biotin didn’t work, collagen didn’t work, every oil you could think of didn’t work, and a specific Australian growth shampoo made my hair much more damaged than it was before I started using it. I took rogaine after consulting with a doctor, but because I didn’t have any bald areas, I didn’t see any difference.Finally, as a last ditch attempt, I tried this, and I was so relieved that something finally worked. The shedding has returned to normal, and I no longer have to unclog my shower drain on a regular basis. My hair is growing and, most significantly, it has regained its thickness!! It does have a fishy flavour, but if you mix it with a lot of water, you won’t detect it as much. I’m quite pleased with the results, and my hairdresser delighted as well.

  14. Rose

    I was sceptical at first, but I chose to say it works, and it does! My hairdresser asks, “What are you taking?” Your hair is growing!! 🙂 After 60 days, I definitely noticed, and now, after 4 months, my new hair growth is around 5-6 inches long, and I’m not stopping. I began by doing exactly what the instructions instructed for three boxes.

  15. Rose

    I was skeptical at first, but I chose to say it works, and it does! My hairdresser asks, “What are you taking?” Your hair is growing!! 🙂 After 60 days, I definitely noticed, and now, after 4 months, my new hair growth is around 5-6 inches long, and I’m not stopping. I began by doing exactly what the instructions instructed for three boxes.

  16. Joni

    I’m 64 years old and was surprised by the volume of hair in the shower drain after I washed my hair. After using this product, there was a notable reduction in that quantity. I tried vitamins, biotin, and other supplements but returned to S Glow since they didn’t help. I know it’s pricey, but it actually works for me!

  17. Gagandeep Kaur

    I’ve tried minoxidil but it doesn’t work. Ive been taking Sglow since 2 months ago, new hair is coming out on the crown area, and I’m 43. Will continue to take as advised.

  18. Anju Bala

    As I grew older my hair began receding and falling out so I finally took action before I went bald by buying this product. After 2.5 months using this product not only has my hair stopped falling out, it is now growing back too! There also has been no side effects unlike Finasteride which was my next option if this product didn’t work. I believe that it is DHT that is causing my hair loss and this product seems to effectively block the DHT hormone and also helps hair grow back. The first picture was taken two and a half months ago and the next picture to the right was taken today.

  19. Jan Leitch

    I do see a difference.. now on my 3rd bottles. btw it works for my family as well

  20. Shabraz Arif

    2nd purchased.. im done consuming with 2 bottles after hv a good result for previous purchasing. Less hair fall, and more hair grow..will repeat if im satisfied with another 2 bottle!

  21. Mark Harding Wyatt

    Original product with barcode. Super fast delivery. Order and received in same day


    Good packaging. Really helps in nurturing hair growth and health. Great recommendation. Will repeat order soon.

  23. Lubna Saeed

    Due to my hair loss problem, I was very distressed and lost confidence. After the hair dropped off, it seemed that new hair never grew. I have tried many hair growth products which they claimed to be effective. I have also used traditional way: using wine and garlic to rub on the hair. But all these methods did not work. I also experienced itchiness after hair wash. I was surprised that this Sglow product actually works very well on me. Gonna continue consuming until it resolved


    received today! Free express shipping is really fast!

  25. Sudeera Gunatunga

    just finished my first bottle. baby hair are growing on both sides. I have receding hair line for almost 3 years. and this product is giving me result in a month! unbelievable… just done ordering another 3 bottles! thank you and god bless you all!

  26. Lorretta Reinhard

    Before starting consuming Sglow, my hair had gone very thin and my scalp was very visible throughout the top of my head.After about 3 months, it was obvious my hair was improving and I have had considerable regrowth. I do not worry about my hair anymore and I am more confident. 100% recommend this product because it is natural !

  27. Rosalie Stockwell

    so happy, finally a product can help and getting the results as promised, hair stop falling , tiny hair starts to grow and will taking SGLOW consistently until all my hair back

  28. Tusheena Ramnawaz

    having hair fall and bald issue for a very long time , thank you SGLOW for helping, really love the product and recommend it!

  29. Entheny Mawarire

    great product! I already see the difference – my hair looks and feels healthier than before. Would recommend it to anyone!

  30. Alison Kuzet Kuzet

    I noticed new hair growth after the first couple weeks! It’s not drastic, but there is definitely new baby hairs around my hairline and my part. This product is affordable and worth continuing!

  31. Alec Thomson

    I am excited to try this product! It has many quality ingredients to help facilitate hair growth and health, not just biotin. The capsules are easy to swallow, no bad aftertaste. I have noticed I am shedding more hair than usual as well as my eyelashes! I have tried many biotin supplements in the past, that seemed to work okay, however, I am most excited to try this because of the addition of other vitamins to compliment the function of biotin. I’m happy with the customer service thus far, as it was shipped out quickly! Thanks

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