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EROJAN: Can Erojan Supplement Really Create Long Lasting Orgasms ?


What if you say there are ways to feel better, lose weight, and gain energy?

How would you answer-probably something like “how?” Or “what’s in it for me?”

Well, EROJAN is a product traditionally used to improve men’s health and energy.

This EROJAN food supplement is this product and offers incredible benefits to consumers.

Combining these six key ingredients to create an EROJAN dietary supplement that offers the following benefits:

  1. Supports weight loss.
  2. Improves male health and restores hormonal balance.
  3. Increase energy
  4. Improve sexual performance
  5. Helps men age gracefully and look younger
  6. Reduce stress and improve mood.

Whenever we do something, we always want to make sure that our investment is rewarded, and EROJAN was developed with this in mind. EROJAN Men’s Supplements can easily get all these benefits from one product.

1 Capsule, Fusion of 6 main ingredients


EROJAN contains Tongkat Ali, an herbal remedy that has been part of traditional Southeast Asian medicine for centuries. Tongkat Ali has a few of chemicals that have different effects in the body. Some chemicals can affect the way the body produces the hormone testosterone, which can increase testosterone levels in the body. Tongkat Ali is used for erectile dysfunction (ED), male infertility, increased sexual desire in healthy people, and improved athletic performance.

Butia Superba is a shrub that grows naturally in Thailand, India and Vietnam and is thought to have aphrodisiac properties. The roots of Butea Superba, used in traditional Thai medicine, contain compounds that are said to improve sexual performance, treat erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count. According to scientific research, the roots of Butea superba contain various flavonoids. Flavonoids are a class of antioxidant compounds that provide a variety of health benefits, including B. Helps erectile dysfunction, increased libido, and increased sperm count.

 Maca, also known as Andeen Jinsen, Peruvian Jinsen, Lepidium meyenii, Lepidium peruvianum, is a relative of radish and has a butterscotch-like scent. Maca is a plant that grows on the Andean plateau. It was grown as a root vegetable for at least 3000 years. Roots are also used to make medicines, but there is not enough reliable information to know how maca works. People take maca orally because of male infertility, postmenopausal health problems, and increased sexual desire in healthy people.

Tribulus is a plant that produces fruits covered with Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus Terrestris is a traditional small plant used to increase libido by increasing testosterone levels, keeping the urinary tract healthy, and reducing swelling. In addition, its main component, saponin, is known to help dilate coronary arteries, improve coronary artery circulation, and thereby improve blood flow. There are rumours that Tribulus is also known as a pit vine because of its very sharp spines and the ability to flatten bicycle tires. People use fruits, leaves, and roots as medicines for various diseases.

Horny goat weed is an herb. The leaves are used to make medicine. More than 15 species of horny goat weeds are known in Chinese medicine as “Yin Yang Huo”. Horny Horny Goatweed includes back and knee weakness, joint pain, osteoarthritis, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss, hypertension, heart disease, bronchitis, liver disease, HIV / AIDS, polio, chronic leukaemia Used virally for blood disorders called, as a heart infection, postmenopausal bone loss, weak bone (osteoporosis) and tonics. Horny goat weeds contain chemicals that can help increase blood flow and improve sexual function. It also contains phytoestrogens, a chemical that acts like the female hormone oestrogen and has the potential to reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women. Some men use horny goat weeds for sexual performance problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and involuntary ejaculation. It is also used to enhance sexual desire.

Cuscuta chinensis Lam. (Convolvulaceae) is an important Chinese herbal medicine commonly used for improving sexual function, treating osteoporosis, and preventing aging, and has been reported to show anti-osteoporosis effect in vitro. EROJAN diet supplements are known to provide consumers with these eight functions when taking EROJAN daily by taking 2 capsules after a meal.

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